Private Functions

Our private events are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Whether its a corporate team outing or a bestie’s bachelorette party, we’ll create an event that’s perfect for you.

Skin Alchemy Rituals

Beauty is a mindset and way of life. What we eat, feel, think, and apply to our skin are all forms of consumption. Everything we habitually consume impacts us on a cellular level, depleting or nourishing our energy and vibration. 

Beauty can thrive and grow more abundantly than ever as we mature. Rather than coercing our skin and bodies to submit to the cultural ideals of youth and beauty, our intention with this workshop is to encourage the support of healthy function and vitality within our whole beings, and to reconnect with who we are. 

Often referred to as a natural alternative to Botox, facial gua sha & facial cupping certainly stands in the ring with many conventional beauty treatments that are popular today. Our goal is to show you that we all hold within us, the power to treat ourselves better. These rituals are intended as a simple place to start. Thousands of years of Chinese wisdom distilled into potent self-care treatment remedies. This workshop will change the way you look at health and beauty forever. 

Let’s be beautiful together. 



Minimum of 6 participants – $100 each

Duration – 1.5 hours

Our Process

Assessment & Initial

We welcome you to your first session where we assess and determine goals and desires and offer support in whichever internal waters you are currently working through. Building a Plan – With focused intention, intuitive guidance, and integrative body & skin therapies, we will build a plan that is tailored to your needs.

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