Our Healers

A collective of passionate health professionals here to cultivate vitality & harmony.

Yvonne Cheng

Hello radiant humans! My name is yvonne, and i am a registered acupuncturist based out of calgary, alberta. I hold a doctorate in chinese medicine and received a masters degree in acupuncture at the canadian institute of traditional chinese medicine which provided me with over 3000 hours of education and more than 1200 clinical hours. After graduating, i continued to mian yang, china for a clinical internship at the mianyang central hospital. 

There, i was trained under some of the best professors in the country in several departments such as dermatology, cosmetology, womans health, weight loss, orthopedics and internal medicine. I have embarked on further studies and have undertaken several specialist post graduate training programmes in womens health, orthopedics, acupoint injections, prolotherapy, pain management and cosmetology from an eastern and western perspective. While my intention is to help every patient connect and awaken their inner radiance and vitality, my specialty and passion is focused on cosmetic acupuncture, womens health, and sculptural facial and buccal massage.

Michelle Lozada

Hello beautiful people! My name is michelle, and i am a highly experienced registered massage therapist and skin specialist with a diverse background in various settings such as chiropractic clinics, spas, and wellness centers. With over 22 years of practice in calgary, i have developed a deep understanding of the body’s natural healing processes and the transformative and magical power of human touch. In practice, i have seamlessly integrated the wealth of experience and knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit in motion. My treatment offerings focus on manual manipulation, lymphatic drainage techniques, abdominal massage, and cutting-edge skincare protocols that provide natural and non-invasive facial rejuvenation and pro-aging benefits. Some of the treatments i offer that is unique to calgary include lomi lomi, massage which is deeply rooted in hawaiian culture, a beautiful treatment known for its rhythmic and flowing movements, as well as abdominal massage, which has a wide array of emotional and physical benefits.

Sachin Sudra

Greetings beautiful beings! I am the founder of Sunistanai, a grassroots, community-based company that educates and inspires people on the Ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda. My specialties include Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, Ayurvedic nutrition & cooking teacher, public speaker, aromatherapist, and herbalist. I’ve had the opportunity to train at the JSS Ayurvedic Hospital & College in Mysore, India, where I obtained a clinical certification in Ayurveda. I have also studied Ashtanga yoga in Mysore and currently studying restorative hatha yoga. My passion involves working with indigenous communities, teaching yoga, and bringing social justice and equity.

Our Process

Assessment & Initial

We welcome you to your first session where we assess and determine goals and desires and offer support in whichever internal waters you are currently working through. Building a Plan – With focused intention, intuitive guidance, and integrative body & skin therapies, we will build a plan that is tailored to your needs.

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