Online Course

Facial Alchemy Gua Sha Master Series I

Harnessing the power of ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom, this facial gua sha training course will change the way you look at health and beauty forever. Perfect for professionals or those who wish to supercharge their at home skincare routines.

Course curriculum

Module 1 - Foundations

• Welcome
• History Of Gua Sha
• Reflexolgy Zones
• Benefits Of Gua Sha
• Gua Sha Considerations
• Face Mapping
• Face Reading
• What Is A Lucky Face?
• Meaning Behind Wrinkles
• Qi Of The Organs
• Signs Of Jing On The Face
• Five Element Theory
• Five Elements
• Five Element Personality Quiz

Module 2 - Anatomy & Physiology

• Skin Anatomy
• Effects Of Ageing
• Fascia – The Ultimate Conductor
• Lymphatic System
• Skin Types And Conditions
• Muscles Of The Face

Module 3: Chinese Medicine Is Energy Medicine

• Travelling The Energy Highway
• 12 Meridians
• Facial Meridian Activation
• Step-by-step Acupressure
• Major Points Of The Eye Region
• Major Points Of The Side Of The Head
• Major Points Of The Face

Module 4: Clear And Brilliant Protocol

• Introduction To Clear And Brilliant
• Self Practice
• Protocol On Client
• Step-by-step

Module 5: Sculpt And Define

• Introduction To Sculpt And Define
• Self Practice
• Protocol On Client
• Step-by-step

Module 6: The Perfect Match

• Get Stoned
• Tools + Protocols
• Facial Rolling Vs Gua Sha

Module 7: Bonus Features

• Facial Cupping
• Step-by-step Facial Cupping
• Dermarolling
• Step-by-step Derma Rolling
• Turn On The Lights – Led Therapy
• Tcm Terminology
• Product Listing
• Exam

Our Process

Assessment & Initial

We welcome you to your first session where we assess and determine goals and desires and offer support in whichever internal waters you are currently working through. Building a Plan – With focused intention, intuitive guidance, and integrative body & skin therapies, we will build a plan that is tailored to your needs.

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